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Send in floorplans

EmailĀ Attach floorplans or a photo of a sketch to show the layout of each floor. If you are sketching the floor plan to send in, make sure you include the type of door (hinged or sliding) and the side from which the door opens. For hinged doors, this can be represented as a triangle shape with the corner of the triangle being the hinge.

We contact you

We will email or call to let you know if there are any issues with the information provided and provide a quote.

Plans produced

Upon receipt of quoted payment, we create professional and compliant plans and email proofs to you for checking. Once approved they send to you as PDF files or printed, laminated and posted. The plans you receive are ready to be placed at designated locations.

In the evacuation plans below, the building is the same but the orientation has been corrected for each location to ensure compliance.

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