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An Emergency Information Pack is also required when registering your property in the NSW Planning Portal. This can be an Information Booklet or an Emergency Advice Sheet.

We can produce a double-sided Emergency Advice Sheet with the required generic and specific information for you property. Contact STRA Evacuations Plans for a complete Emergency Advice Sheet.

There are instances where the information in your advice sheet may change. This may be due to things like changing contact numbers of local police stations, or a new Neighbourhood Safety Place. It is important that you provide accurate details fore your guests.

A new Fire Danger Rating system

In September 2022, a new Fire Danger Rating (FDR) system was introduced nationwide. This occurred after many hosts had already acquired their Emergency Advice Sheets. Please contact STRA Evacuation Plans if your advice sheets need updating with the new FDR details.

Heat alarms in garages

As per the STRA Fire Safety Standard, a heat alarm must be installed in any private garage attached to the dwelling, that is not associated with the dwelling. In these cases, a durable notice must be permanently fixed to the dwelling and the private garage in prominent locations.

Emergency Advice Sheet with new Fire Danger Rating system