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NOTE: The Fire Danger Rating System has recently changed. This affects the emergency advice that you provide to guests. Emergency Advice Sheets will be provided with the updated ratings. Please contact STRA Evacuation Plans to update your existing advice sheets.

The NSW Government has introduced new fire safety standards for Short Term Rental Accommodation (STRA). Evacuation plans that meet specified standards are required at the entrance to your property and in all bedrooms. These new rules were introduced in March 2022. STRA Evacuation Plans produce evacuation diagrams and Emergency Advice Sheets to assist in registration with Planning NSW.

There are specific requirements for these evacuation plans as defined in the Short-term Rental Accommodation Fire Safety Standard. As well as the components of the plans and their locations, there is a requirement regarding the orientation of the plans. See the example evacuation plans on the process page.

As well as evacuation diagrams, you will also need an Emergency Information Pack when registering your property in the NSW Planning Portal. We have an Emergency Advice Sheet that we can complete and add to your order.


“Ben at STRA Evacuation Plans has made the process of getting our holiday properties compliant a very simple procedure. With clear discussions, excellent turn around times and quality plans all arriving to our mail box with in a few days of approval. Can’t recommend Ben and his service highly enough.”

Jeanette and Martin Schoeddert, iRIS PROPERTY HOLIDAYS

“Ben from STRA Evac Plans has been great in coordinating the plans of all of our Lakeshores Accommodation holiday homes in line with the Government STRA regulations. He has been very prompt and works well with  us on even the most complicated house design. We would highly recommend his services and the plans look great and meet the regulations guidelines. He has gone above and beyond and we will continue getting all of our plans on future homes drawn up and delivered by Ben.”


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